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6 June 2017

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symetrix control server

If you’re attending InfoComm, don’t forget to pay a visit to Symetrix in booth 6281. Symetrix will be taking the wraps off Control Server, a new network-based, dedicated control platform for Radius, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSP hardware. Accessed using standard HTML browsers on networked devices, Control Server is a flexible and extensible BYOD approach to control and monitoring of all Symetrix Composer-enabled DSPs, as well as select third-party AV components.

Control Server’s centralised, server-based design enables full featured creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of large-scale, complex systems supporting multiple control endpoints and multiple simultaneous users. Supporting wired and wireless connection, Control Server’s intuitive, browser-based interface manages each custom application on the network, including licenses, users, and user access. Control Server apps are fast and responsive, and fully customisable, including multiple levels of user access.

Symetrix will also be a sponsor of Audinate’s InfoComm Dante AV Networking World training event, held on Tuesday, June 13 and featuring in-depth training for new and experienced Dante users.

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