28 February 2019

The new Audio-Technica ES954 hanging microphone array is an ideal solution for huddle rooms, conference rooms and other meeting spaces. Via DSP control the four-capsule array provides 360-degree coverage through virtual hypercardioid or cardioid outputs which can be steered horizontally and tilted vertically.

Intended primarily for videoconferencing applications, the ES954 can be used singly or in multiples to capture every person speaking in a room, with the total number of channels restricted only by the capacity of the DSP controller. When used with the Audio-Technica ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer, or other DSP like QSC Q-SYS, the intuitive graphic interface provides control of the width and orientation of each virtual polar pattern which can then be steered in 30-degree increments. A tilt function accommodates differing ceiling heights or users that are sitting/standing. 

A simple setup may feature a single ES954 over the centre of a conference table providing coverage via four identical quadrants. Used in conjunction with a gate on each microphone channel the ES954 can be configured to automatically follow anyone talking while they move around the space.

Alternative seating arrangements in the room can be accommodated by re-orienting each of the four microphone patterns in the mixer’s software, which could then be saved as presets in the mixer for later recall. In larger rooms, two or more ES954 arrays can be installed — for instance, one at each end of a long conference table, and, if necessary, more in the middle — and the polar patterns of each microphone steered and widened or narrowed accordingly. 

Measuring just 60mm in diameter by 110mm high, ES954 indicates its mute status via an integrated, logic-controlled 360-degree red/green LED ring. Other features include Audio-Technica’s patented UniGuard RFI-shielding technology which offers outstanding rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI) from devices like mobile phones. The package includes a permanently attached 1.2-meter cable with locking grommet for easy microphone height adjustment and a ceiling mount with RJ45 output connectors plus breakout links.

Audio-Technica: audio-technica.com.au
Australian Distributor: www.soundcorp.com.au


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