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Tascam DA-6000 V3.0 Update

V3.0 Software Update Brings Enhanced Functionality to the Tascam DA-6400 64-track Digital Multitrack Recorder/Player


2 December 2021

Tascam introduces the V3.0 update for the DA-6400 Series 64-Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder/Player. As a 64-track recorder utilising an internal Tascam developed SSD and hot-swappable drive caddy, the DA-6400 is the ideal choice for live recording, event capture, as a backup solution for use with DAWs, as well as being the ideal multi-channel playback choice for theme parks, theaters, and a variety of installations. The new V3.0 update enhances multi-channel audio playback, provides a more intuitive interface for achieving maximum performance, adds ABS Time Mode display, smooth switching to the playlist entry edit screen via an external keyboard, and more.

The V3.0 software update adds nine new functions that improve the overall usability of multi-playback audio, including shorter content production time, and a more intuitive interface to prevent accidental settings and operation. For a quick view and reference, the addition of Contrast support for the display time counter improves visibility of take names in the home screen. Similarly, the playback setting state of the auto ready and theatre play functions can now be displayed on the home screen, providing instant verification of the current setting. Another important update is the addition of an ABS time display.

For more intuitive operation, holding down the STOP button and pressing the REWIND button allows for an easy jump to the first take. For instant access to the playlist edit mode, pressing the F5 key on an external keyboard is now available, resulting in smooth switching to the playlist entry edit (ADJUST) screen. Equally notable, the ability to switch between the entry number/time counter and display/time mode on the playlist entry edit (ADJUST) screen is now available. A Mark point setting lock function has been added to prevent undesired mark points during production and, in the event they are not required, pop-up messages during mark point setting and setting lock can be turned off. Further, the display name of the mark point matches the current time on the Edit Playlist Entry (ADJUST) screen. As a result, verification can be seen from either menu.

The V3.0 update dramatically improves overall operation. For the purpose of monitoring and controlling each individual track, the operation of the individual mode on the input monitor screen and rec function screen has been improved.

The DA-6400 supports simultaneous recording/playback of 64 channels at 48kHz/24-bit or 32 channels at 96kHz/24-bit Hi-Res audio. Of note, the DA-6400’s Cascade function facilitates the use of two DA-6400 units—enabling playback and recording of up to 128 channels simultaneously. To ensure the utmost performance, the DA-6400 records to a Tascam developed 2.5-inch 240GB SSD that is pre-installed into the Tascam AK-CC25 storage caddy, which can be hot-swapped for easy delivery to clients. This caddy is also equipped with a USB 3.0 port for rapid transfer of data to DAW systems.

With its two I/O slots, the DA-6400 has an expanding list of I/O cards to enable maximum performance in a wide range of applications. These include two MADI options (IF-MA64/EX and IF-MA64/BN), Dante (IF-DA64), and AES/EBU (IF-AE16) for multichannel operation—enabling use with nearly any pro audio equipment using the latest digital I/O networks via coaxial, optical, or over CAT5. This versatility makes the DA-6400 the ideal backup recording system for synchronised capture with Pro Tools systems. Further, the DA-6400 includes SMPTE LTC timecode I/O for location synchronisation, a parallel remote-control input, and an RS-422 9-pin serial remote control port. Firmware updates take place via the USB port.

With support of Gigabit Ethernet for file transfer, remote control, and monitoring over a network, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), plus SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) for updating its internal clock over a network, the 1RU DA-6400 offers exceptional operational flexibility. Video reference (NTSC/PAL blackburst signals and HDTV Tri-level signals) plus word clock Input, Output, and Thru are also supported.

Version 3 adds to the previous version 2 updates. The V2 and V2.20 updates included a Theatre Play function. This allows the addition of marks to be set for starting and ending points on each take—making it possible to trigger a marked playback range of multiple takes, in order. In addition to conventional playback operations, both serial and parallel external control can be used to send play triggers. Another noteworthy addition to V2 was the Playlist Function. This makes it possible to assign takes to a list in the order one prefers, change the playback order, and nondestructively set playback ranges of every audio entry—without affecting the audio files. Additionally, loading and writing flash start playlist files is supported. After a take from the playlist ends (when Auto Ready is enabled), the DA-6400 automatically jumps to and pauses at the beginning of the next start point.

In addition to the aforementioned upgrades, users will also appreciate the Tascam DA-6400 Control remote control app for use with the Apple iPad. Further, the DA-6400 now records in Broadcast WAV format, which includes timecode information in the data file. This added capability makes both file searches and importing files from Pro Tools quick and easy.

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