26 May 2016

MCA -The Matter of Painting - artist impression by Huseyin Sami and Danny Rose

Technical Direction Company is working hard with Vivid Sydney’s organisers to deliver record-breaking technical production at the spectacular festival of light and music.

TDC employs 35 staff working full-time to produce a massive 11,500sqm of video projection in excess of 20million pixels. Over 70 projectors will be deployed in custom-made projection towers located in and around Sydney. TDC’s work will be found in some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and locations, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Customs House, Cadmans Cottage, Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon for Bangarra Dance Theatre, Taronga Zoo Centenary Celebrations, Central Park precinct, AMP Building for the McGrath Foundation, The Royal Botanic garden Sydney precinct, and Darling Harbour precinct.

Ignatius Jones, Creative Director of Vivid Sydney explained: “We work closely with TDC to constantly break new boundaries in technology and to develop immersive experiences each year in the festival’s delivery of creativity and innovation. Vivid Sydney inspires, entertains and exemplifies the emerging technologies that are changing our world. It is a celebration that will blow away all who behold it.”

More Info:
Technical Direction Company: www.tdc.com.au


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