16 March 2016


Vision’s modular faceplate is getting a facelift this year. Techconnect has proved a favourite with installers in its current form for eight years, equipping well over 235,000 meeting rooms and classrooms in that period.

Now, every part of Techconnect has been revised. Vision says the big improvement is that modules can be removed from the front without having to remove the surround backbox.

Aesthetically, Techconnect features a more pure white matte finish. Modules have labels printed on the front, and all fixing screws are hidden. The modules hook in at one end and screw in the other end. This fixing screw is already in situ and only takes a few turns to lock the module in place. The modules are 8mm shorter and more rigid. The shorter length means there is more space for reseller branding stickers on the surround.

Most parts are being carried over but some notable changes include the ‘lite’ packages which will have the three-phono components replaced by HDMI. A cheat-sheet is available on Vision’s website to help make sense of it all.

More Info:
Vision: www.visionaudiovisual.com/techconnect/tc3
Australian Distributor: www.hills.com.au


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