19 April 2016

NRL The Bunker Telstra
Image taken from www.nrl.com

Based at the Australian Technology Park in Eveligh, NSW, and using Hawk-Eye Innovations video review technology, ‘The Bunker’ is a state-of-the-art video referee and player analytics facility that is now connected to 21 sports stadiums in Australia and New Zealand via Telstra’s Digital Video Network (DVN). The DVN carries the NRL’s mission-critical video content from the game locations to The Bunker, providing match officials with real-time access to multiple camera angles and playback control for all reviewable decisions. An over-the-shoulder camera and workstation view of The Bunker is also sent back to the game venue, so fans can view the live decision making.

The Bunker was implemented in February by the NRL to deliver more accurate referee calls, shorten the time to reach each video referee call, improve the consistency in referee calls, and make the decision-making process more transparent to the viewing public.

Trevor Boal, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said: “Telstra has been working with the NRL for the last 16 years and we are excited to be helping them to use the latest in media technology, to concurrently improve the fan experience and the games’ efficiency.”

More Info:
Telstra: www.telstra.com.au


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