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21 October 2015

clear-com freespeak

As part of delivering the world’s largest Ceremonies Communication system for the Baku European Games this June, Sydney’s The P.A. People are pleased to announce the acquisition of a substantial quantity of Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II DECT based full duplex wireless communications system.  The FreeSpeak II system is available for rental from The P.A. People in either a stand-alone configuration with a 1ru base station, or fully integrated with the Company’s extensive range of Clear-Com Eclipse HX matrix systems.  Essentially FreeSpeak II with EclipseHX integration provides users with a wireless keystation.

“Our deployment of over eighty wireless beltpacks in a single RF space in Baku was flawless straight out of the box.  This provides a whole new world of full duplex communications and we are extremely pleased with our investment” said Chris Dodds, Managing Director of The P.A. People. “This system will provide our large scale event and corporate customers a great sounding full duplex solution they can actually rely upon. “

FreeSpeak II is the second generation full duplex communications platform from Clear-Com.  It is a cellular system that delivers on the promise of extending the functionality of a keystation to a wireless platform.

The P.A People utilising the FreeSpeak II system’s first outing in Baku, was also acclaimed as a triumph by Five Currents Senior Technical Director, Nick Eltis.  “The FreeSpeak II on the revolve is excellent. It is working perfectly. I am really impressed with FreeSpeak II, everyone is really happy with it. “

The P.A. People offer the entire range of Clear-Com Wired and Wireless intercom systems for rental on a world-wide basis.

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