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18 September 2017

QSC has released three additions to the Q-SYS platform: a Core processor, a convenient I/O device, and a touchscreen panel.

An evolution of the Core 500, the Core 510i leverages the latest Intel platform using a QSC-developed Linux realtime operating system to deliver a hugely powerful audio/video/control (AVC) solution. Flexible audio I/O configuration options include card-based I/O, native Q-LAN network channels and AES67 making the 510i ideal for mid to large-sized meeting spaces and hospitality applications where a diverse mix of analogue, digital and networked audio connectivity is required.

Core 510i can be deployed either as a processor with its extensive resources for built-in acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), or as an I/O frame providing support for up to 128×128 audio channels. It can accommodate any combination of Q-SYS Type-II I/O cards including Dante, CobraNet, AVB or Q-SYS analogue and AES/EBU.

“Core 510i is a natural extension of our platform,” said Martin Barbour, Product Manager for QSC Systems. “By taking advantage of the latest Intel chipset, it leverages Moore’s Law to offer an even more powerful processor without impacting cost. As the industry moves towards a more IT-centric world, Q-SYS makes the most sense for enterprise deployments utilising shared resources for multiple meeting rooms or even very large conference spaces.”

Providing inputs and outputs to any Q-SYS ecosystem the new I/O-8 Flex features eight flexible audio I/O channels. I/O-8 Flex allows users to easily configure each channel via Q-SYS Designer Software as either a fully balanced mic/line input with phantom power or a line level output. It also offers PoE+ support for simple, single-cable deployments plus an auxiliary DC power input that can be used for redundancy where required. With the same chassis and mounting solution as the QSC SPA Series power amplifiers, the I/O-8 Flex is ideal for mounting under the table in a conference room, on the wall or in a rack.

The new touchscreen TSC-47W-G2 12cm in-wall dialler/controller offers easy system control. It combines capacitive LCD touch technology with a 960×540 high-definition display and PoE for simplified single cable installation. Operating in either portrait or landscape modes the unit is easily wall, lectern or flat surface mounted.

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Issue 27