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3 November 2014

TVOne has upgraded its CorioMax output modules with an autodetect mode to automatically configure outputs to extend 60, 100 or 130 metres depending on the receiver used, when equipped with HDBaseT output modules.


The output module is a two-port, HDCP-compliant unit with scaling that allows the extension of high resolution digital video over a standard cat 5e/6 cable, and can now configure itself to the receiver without user intervention.

The CorioMax modular all-in-one systems comprise the CorioMaster, CorioMaster Mini, CorioMatrix and CorioMatrix Mini. All use modular AV slots to determine the signal format as well as the number of I/Os, and each module type is automatically recognised as either an input or output connection. This modular approach allows integrators to accommodate most I/O variables, and the modules can be added or changed as needed.


Source: media release

TVOne: www.tvone.com

Australian distribution
Corsair Solutions: 1300 562 779 or www.corsairsolutions.com.au


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