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13 October 2014

PLM+ is a new touring platform from Lab.gruppen offering the performance characteristics, flexibility and power of the iconic 20000Q, but with twice the processing power, twice the throughput and a host of other features and improvements.

PLM+ PLM 20K44 PLM 12K44

There are two models in the range – PLM20k44 and the PLM12k44 – each combining a true four-in/four-out configuration for audio IO as well as four modules of Lake processing.

“The PLM 20000Q has been the standard driving force for many speaker brands and rental companies, singularly capable of driving almost any loudspeaker system or array – of any size or configuration. With PLM+ there is no ‘almost,’” the company says. “Whether the load comprises subwoofers, high frequency drivers, full range loudspeakers, and constant voltage distributed systems, or any combination thereof – PLM+ can take care of it all.”

The new platform offers four analogue inputs, four AES inputs, four power outputs, four Lake contour modules, 8×8 Dante I/O, two-port 1GB network switch and dual redundancy. Up to 16 inputs can be routed to a PLM+ device, allowing audio format conversion from one input type to another, and then delivering these inputs to other devices in the system. Matrixing/summing of inputs can be achieved and controlled within the Lake environment – an environment expected by many engineers at front of house or monitors where, using a tablet computer, they can tune, monitor and drive the system.

Rational Power Management

The PLM 12K44 is the successor to the PLM 10000Q and offers a leap forward in its power segment with Universal power supply, PFC, and eight Dante break in/out. It also features Lab.gruppen’s Rational Power Management (RPM) technology, first seen in the company’s recent D Series install platform. A first in live sound, this allows the 12k44 to deliver up to 5000W output on any channel, leaving the remaining available power output to be allocated freely to the other channels. This enables fully optimised system design, with each channel being tailored to the exact power requirement of the load, better managing headroom between all available channels and rationalising the system to achieve most efficient use of the total amplifier inventory – saving money, energy and rack space.

“The addition of RPM into the PLM+ range is an extremely significant addition to this world-leading touring platform, allowing rental houses and touring companies a whole new level of flexibility,” says Lab.gruppen project manager Klas Dalbjorn. “When combined with the Café software suite, it means the end user has real power over every channel driving any system.”

“Compared to other devices out there, PLM+ is truly exceptional,” adds product manager Martin Andersson. “PLM+ allows you to accurately specify, design, control and monitor all connections and interactions to and from the PLM+ device. No other amplifier platform can do this in such a managed way.”


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