8 July 2018

VuePix AC Series

VuePix AC Series offers the lightest LED panels specifically designed for touring and rental markets. The extremely strong and super lightweight frame is built from carbon, aluminium and magnesium composites. The AC series delivers perfect visual performance with excellent brightness of over 5,500 nits, great contrast ratio & high refresh rate.

VuePix Holo Series

VuePix revolutionary HOLO Series provide a perfect visual media solution for any glass front display – show rooms, exhibition spaces, shopping malls, advertising spaces & modern architecture – delivering a clear & sharp visuals, with a transparency rate of up to 70. Fully customisable solutions are available to match your application.

VuePix DB Series

VuePix DB Series offers an ultimate HD visual experience. Featuring deep black LEDs and ultra-black mask for superior image quality, ultra small LED chips with high luminous intensity & wide colour gamut, brightness up to 1,500nits, high contrast ratio & refresh rate, edge and feet protectors, cable-free power and data connection for an elegant and clutter-free look, and much more.

RGB link Venus X7

RGBlink Venus X7 is an HDCP compliant, scalable and extendable routing and video wall processor configurable to support a variety of inputs and outputs and windowing capabilities. Venues X7 features RGBlink 3rd generation high performance video scaling technology for excellent image reproduction.

Glassiled Uni

Glassiled Uni is AGC’s latest innovation in LED-embedded glass solutions – a double glazing unit that has monochrome or RGB LEDs embedded in the spacer, enabling illumination of any building façade with unprecedented uniformity and no restrictions on colour or light temperature, remaining full transparency when turned off.


SGM G-7 Spot is the quintessence of IP-rated moving heads. A fast, compact, and lightweight moving head spot featuring white LED engine and CMY colour mixing, combining maximum output and low power consumption.

ULA: www.ulagroup.com


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