Utelogy Announces 3.0 Release


2 March 2020

Utelogy Corporation, a provider of control, monitoring and analytics software for workspace management, announced it will deliver its 3.0 software release, which continues to expand on the enterprise features necessary to support a globally distributed organisation.

To meet the needs of an increasing number of customers with high security and mission critical environments, Utelogy 3.0 will support a growing number of enterprise features such as High Availability (HA) and an On-Premise Version of U-Manage.

Utelogy’s HA implementation employs high-performance clustering which has one or more U-Servers working together to provide failover. While the exact deployment depends on each customer’s environment and its IT policies, a typical deployment will have a U-Server hosted on its own hardware or within a VM environment that isolates other U-Servers from a hardware or network failure.

For organisations where the cloud architecture doesn’t fit within their IT strategy, these companies would still greatly benefit from the centralised monitoring and management that Utelogy offers.  To meet these requirements, Utelogy will deploy a 100% on-premise solution that includes U-Manage and U-Enterprise, called Utelogy Private Portal.  

With the on-premise solution, companies will have access to U-Manage which includes the HTML interface and database as well as U-Enterprise which includes the U-Server, U-Control, and U-Console.

“Ensuring collaboration spaces scale to satisfy mission critical tasks and remain optimised is a daunting task in today’s enterprise environment.  IT departments look for robustness, performance, and scalability to ensure these management platforms enhance productivity with a lower total cost of ownership,” explained Kevin Morrison, Utelogy’s CEO.  

“With its REST API and data connectors, delivered last year, the Utelogy platform allows organisations to gather actionable intelligence across the enterprise,” added Morrison.

Utelogy: www.utelogy.com
Australian Distributor: avt.tech


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