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Valens and Logitech Simplify HyFlex

Valens Semiconductor joins the Logitech Collaboration Program


28 April 2022

Valens Semiconductor, a provider of high-speed connectivity solutions for the audio-video and automotive markets, has announced a collaboration with Logitech to develop a solution tailored to Logitech’s USB peripheral suite of products, and solves the challenge of extending USB cameras and power over a single category cable. This collaboration addresses installation challenges in the education segment as a result of the new hybrid setting (HyFlex) that accommodates sessions for both in-classroom and remote participants, as well as enhancing corporate meeting and huddle rooms.

“Valens’ advanced, cost-effective solution is at the forefront of the education market’s rapid transformation from in-person to hybrid,” said Gabi Shriki, SVP and Head of Audio-Video at Valens. Valens’ HDBaseT connectivity technology provides Logitech customers and installers a simple way to extend Logitech cameras with the freedom to place USB devices anywhere in the room over a single, standard category cable. 

Valens’ semiconductor provides:

  • Professional-grade extension of USB and Power up to 100m (328’)
  • High quality, zero latency multimedia distribution
  • Plug and play single-cable solution, no driver installation required

“There are a growing number of devices being deployed in classroom and conference room setups – including multiple displays, cameras, microphones, and speakers,” said Sudeep Trivedi, Head of Alliances and Go-To-Market at Logitech. “This makes convergence of high-quality multimedia critical for a streamlined installation.”

This offering is useful for both new and retrofitted projects, providing flexibility for USB peripheral placement and eliminating the need for a dedicated A/C outlet.



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Issue 28