16 March 2018

Vision’s two 30W powered loudspeakers have just received a Bluetooth upgrade. The new advanced Bluetooth chipset can be renamed and the pin can be set via PC software.

The speakers can automatically switch to the Bluetooth input when it pairs. If the paired phone rings during a presentation, Bluetooth reverts to the handset during the call. There is no limit to the number of devices it can pair with. It has eight memory slots so the latest new device to connect replaces the oldest record.

The CS-1800P is a master-slave powered speaker set with one wired input, a Bluetooth input, a remote control, and RS-232 control. Many pairs can be daisy-chained to serve larger rooms. It features optional auto standby, and when power is cycled it automatically returns to the same input and level.

Vision: www.visionaudiovisual.com


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