Vision Publish Crestron and AMX Drivers


5 August 2019

Vision’s new 4K video-over-ethernet matrix product comes with native Crestron and AMX drivers, making it easy for installers to integrate with a control system in commercial and hospitality video distribution applications.

Vision learnt a lot about how integrators and end users use these products with their earlier generation product, so this new TC-MATRIX has been carefully thought through to help avoid classic video-over-IP mistakes. 

Vision’s director Stuart Lockhart: “there are lots of traps that even senior network engineers can’t see. We needed a different level of engineer so we brought in a team of crack IoT experts who helped us develop the new platform and wrote the setup software. It does all sorts of checks in the background to ensure the system runs smoothly.”

Vision also focussed on support; hardware can be hot-swapped by end users without having to use the configuration software, and it uses external power supplies to eliminate common PoE issues which make trouble-shooting harder. 

Transmitters and receivers are sold separately, and it supports for video walls up to 3×3. 

Vision: visionaudiovisual.com
Australian Distributor: www.hills.com.au


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