vision wireless hdmi



17 November 2017

vision wireless hdmi

Investing heavily in wireless DisplayPort and HDMI technology, Vision has announced that its new TC-HDMIWM Wireless Matrix product will start shipping from January.

The product uses 10 user-selectable 5GHz WiFi channels; just set a transmitter and receiver to the same channel and they connect automatically.

The new product wirelessly matrixes, distributes, switches, or a combination of those. Vision say two key rules for system design are that each transmitter must be on different channels (so there is a limitation of ten transmitters per WiFi area), and a maximum of two receivers can connect to a transmitter.

For switching applications a “present” button on the transmitters sends a command to the receiver saying “switch to my channel”. It comes with a remote control, or can be controlled by RS-232. Supports IR pass-through. Tx and Rx sold separately. Lifetime warranty.



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