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wyrestorm networkhd 400 series



22 May 2017

wyrestorm networkhd 400 series

WyreStorm has released the NetworkHD 400 Series NHD-400-TX Encoder and NHD-400-RX Decoder. Supporting HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 support, the 400 Series handles the delivery of visually lossless 4K UHD with HDR enabled content and multichannel audio up to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with ease, making it ideal for AV distribution around the home.

In commercial applications NetworkHD is already employed worldwide by hundreds of colleges, universities, hospitality venues and corporations to provide 24/7 distribution of mission critical content.

On the development of the 400 series, James Meredith, WyreStorm NetworkHD and Enado Product Manager, stated: “With the 400 Series intended for both commercial and residential applications where low latency, multi-channel audio and our highest quality picture with HDR is essential in the modern installation, we feel we have developed a solution that addresses all our customers’ AV-over-IP installation needs.” Meredith continued, “When combined with our groundbreaking free NetworkHD Touch app for iPad, we are confident that the 400 Series 4K NetworkHD systems deliver best-in-class picture, sound and ease of use that our customers expect and deserve.”

The 400 Series features latest generation AV technology to increase image quality and content security, whilst almost eliminating end-to-end latency.

Unlike a traditional fixed matrix, the adaptable modular matrix design of NetworkHD allows for a system to be expanded quickly and easily by simply adding more sources or displays to meet the needs of any commercial or residential application without requiring an update to existing network architecture. Using standard networking technologies, NetworkHD enables any point on the network to support the latest 4K video and HD audio, with PoE providing power to all components from the switch – thus eliminating ugly power supplies and potential points of failure from a system.

Furthermore, the scaling features of the NetworkHD 400 Series enables NHD-400-RX decoders to automatically scale incoming video signals to match the maximum capability of the connected display device so mixing the latest 4K displays and older 1080p screens around the home, campus, bar or company building won’t be a problem.

Videowall capabilities of the 400 Series include bezel correction, image rotation and portrait video walls, as well as traditional landscape modes for video walls up to 16×16. Content can be up and downscaled to perfectly fit each display, and a custom ‘No Source’ idle image graphic overlay can enable branding or customer messaging to be displayed even if no video is being received at a zone.

New to all NetworkHD Series components, the 400 Series features compelling audio matrix functionality with audio able to be routed separately from video to any decoder to leverage networked AV distribution to its full potential.

NetworkHD 400 sports bidirectional IR and RS-232 for control of displays and sources from remote locations and CEC support for triggering displays on and off can be accomplished with the tap of a button. Intuitive control can be achieved with the free NetworkHD Touch app for iPad to create a simple drag and drop switching experience with live video previews of all connected sources and displays. And with the available drivers, integration with third party control systems, including the WyreStorm Enado control solution, is a breeze.

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