2 June 2016


Yamaha has introduced the HS-I range of powered speakers which adds mounting points to the popular HS Series studio monitors. The three models in the HS-I range — HS5I, HS7I and HS8I — are all available in black or white. The addition of the mounting points means it’s easier to integrate the speakers into a wide range of applications like wall- or ceiling-mounting, commercial environments, and other rooms or surfaces where space is limited.

“We continually listen to feedback from our customers and it is always our priority to provide requested solutions as quickly and effectively as possible,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, Pro Audio Business Unit Director, Yamaha Corporation. “HS speakers are trusted by countless audio professionals throughout the world for studio monitoring applications. Our primary goal with the HS-I models was to respond to the many requests that we have received for flexible mounting options, allowing these new models to be used in commercial and professional spaces where superior sound quality and cost efficiency is a priority.”

The HS enclosures are made from dense MDF and employ a traditional three-way mitred jointing technique to anchor the corners of the enclosure. The port design reduces audible noise by up to 6dB. All HS models feature a proprietary Yamaha transducer and an efficient one-inch dome tweeter. The amplifier is a biamp design, and you get two response controls — Room Control and High Trim — to tailor the sound to your environment. Input options include XLR and TRS connectors which will accept both balanced and unbalanced signals.

The HS-I Series will be available during Q3 of 2016.

More Info:
Yamaha: www.yamahacommercialaudio.com


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