17 November 2015

yealink T49 video phone_rs

Yealink announces the launch of the latest offerings to its ‘one-stop video conferencing solution’ with the introduction of the SIP VP-T49G touch-screen videophone, the VC100 all-in-one video conferencing endpoint as well as the VC desktop software for Windows.

Craig Alvarez, Managing Director of ADDCOM, says “These solutions are exciting additions to our ADDCOM range — we’re seeing some great opportunities in VC so we’re looking forward to presenting these solutions to our customers.”

Yealink Executive Vice President Stone Lu said “We know that there is a growing demand for video conferencing solutions in the SME market and we are committed to meeting this demand with high-quality, cost-effective solutions which offer a great user experience.”

Yealink is leading the way in video deskphone technology with it’s SIP VP-T49G which ensures a better call thanks to industry leading video and sound quality as well as robust features such as three-way video conferencing, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, local USB recording and more.

The VC110, along with the VCM60 Wireless Micpod, perfectly meets the unique needs of small meeting room environments. Meeting participants will enjoy a full 1080p HD video experience, while the user-friendly, all-in-one design makes setup a breeze.

The Yealink VC Desktop Software supports 720p HD video and 1080p Full HD content sharing, and features broad compatibility and excellent network adaptability. The software also brings an excellent user experience with its friendly user interface, one-click setup and auto updates.

Creating a new era of easy collaboration for SME’s, Yealink’s VC solution competes with the world’s leading video conferencing brands.

More Info:
Yealink: www.yealink.com
Australian Distributor: www.addcom.com


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