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Johnny Palmer builds ‘The Virtual Venue’ to enhance client experience during COVID, making grey-sounding SXS Events into vibey Pytch.


15 October 2020

Responding dynamically to the effects of COVID-19 on their business, Johnny Palmer, managing director of SXS Events, promptly rebranded his Bristol based company to Pytch, and constructed ‘The Virtual Venue’ in one of the empty warehouses on the industrial estate in Brislington which he owns.

“We rationalised that the world was in chaos, and in any case our old name was a mouthful. Our industry is full of three-letter acronymed companies, so we came up with Pytch instead.”

Explaining the ethos, he says, “We are here to share messages and create memorable experiences. We decided the broadcast model was better … so I built TV studios.” This includes a 12m x 15m main stage and a Green Room.  

Aside from attracting new business Pytch also have a number of clients on retainer in the corporate, conference and exhibition sectors. “We knew we had to deliver something serious and provide extra value to them.”

Occupying a proud position in this immersive broadcast soundstage and studio space are Martin Audio’s DD12, DD6 and WS218X subs.

Born in Australia, Johnny Palmer’s history with Martin Audio goes way back. “When I was a 14-year-old farm boy in Tasmania, and first saw a picture of the old Martin Audio W8C in a magazine, I knew I had to have it,” he says. A year later he heard the system for the first time.

“The first time I experienced the sound I noticed the pure headroom was amazing—it was a magical thing.”

‘The Virtual Venue’ itself majors on Martin Audio’s DD12 differential dispersion speakers for the main sound stage with DD6 for infills and WS218X in the four corners. Meanwhile Pytch retain Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Array and further WS218X subwoofers in their events inventory.

And although the events industry (and summer season generally) has been decimated, when the sector resumes Johnny Palmer hopes Pytch will be in prime position to take full advantage.

Martin Audio: martin-audio.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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