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Calile Hotel: Extreme Hospitality

The Calile Hotel’s next-level AV extends out to the porte-cochere and swimming pool’s palm trees.


11 September 2019

The Calile was always going to be a special hotel. Amongst the many hotel openings in Brisbane for 2018, it was a big challenge to stand out but the challenge was met. Spanning half a city block and eight stories tall, this opulent building features a raw industrial finish with exposed concrete, stone, Travertine and cork-lined walls and floors. An integral element of the external façade is the 270,000 white bricks that line the arches and first level, only making way for breeze block openings aiming into the corridors. All of these design elements bring to life a building that is eminently suited to Brisbane’s fine sub-tropical climate. The hotel also features 178 guest rooms, 30m pool surrounded by palm trees and cabanas, an award-winning restaurant (Hellenika), cocktail bar called Lobby Bar, and a retail arcade featuring among other things, a number of exclusive fashion boutiques.


Soho Sound Design was engaged from the beginning of the project to design, supply and install a world class audiovisual system that would reliably service the hotel’s daily needs with minimal requirement for external equipment and labour hire. Any element of the system had to be easily accessed and changed by staff from in-wall touchpanels, smartphones and tablets. Absolute attention to architectural detail was required such that almost all AV components are hidden or discretely placed along with other fittings to reduce their visual presence.

A crucial and underlying element of the Calile Hotel is the audio experience. Right from the minute a guest parks in the set down to when they enter their room, they are experiencing full-range high fidelity audio. The hotel common areas, pool deck, bars and function rooms are equipped with Meyer Sound MM10XP subwoofers and either MM4XP surfacemount or Ashby 5C in-ceiling tops. The two premier suites each have a Meyer Sound system on their private terraces on Level 7. The IntelligentDC architecture allows for reduced rack sizes and displaced heat generation as each loudspeaker houses its own amplifier. The externally located loudspeakers also have to withstand extreme weather conditions for much of the year including heat and humidity as well as wild storms with torrential downpours. A number of loudspeakers are located in garden beds and planters and receive daily water exposure.


A BSS Soundweb London DSP network carries and manages all audio feeds for the hotel including the premier suites.

This system has over 120 inputs and outputs and utilises Dante to carry audio between racks on the 10GB fibre backbone. Atterotech 2×2 Dante endpoints are used in the gym and premier suites due to their small size and silent operation.

Eight channels of ListenTech AudioEverywhere provide wifi-based real-time audio to guests’ smart devices for personal listening and hearing augmentation throughout the whole building.

The video distribution is handled by JustAddPower HD-over-IP transmitters and receivers. 10GB fibre backbones allow any display to view any source regardless of what rack they are run from. The J+P endpoints also carry power On/Off control information to the TVs and projectors minimising the number of wires required at each point.

RTI controls all audiovisual components in the building. A lot of the daily operational tasks are automated, however, each function room and common space has access to at least one seven-inch touchpanel for on-the-fly changes. A number of in-house iPads allow staff to control the whole system while roaming, iPhone interfaces allow for onsite and offsite control of audio source and volume which allows management to remotely monitor how the system is being used.


  • 140 loudspeakers installed, of which 101 are Meyer Sound120 channels of audio I/O and 30 channels of video I/O in the core network
  • 200 ethernet connections to devices
  • 9 touchpanels and a further four individual iOS control interfaces
  • 100 rack units of equipment installed
  • Estimated 10km of loudspeaker cable and a further 7km of network cable


Soho Sound Design: 0421 012 460 or sohosound.com.au
Audio Brands (Meyer Sound): (02) 9659 7711 or audiobrands.com.au
avt (BSS): avt.tech
Sennheiser: (02) 9910 6700 or sennheiser.com.au
PAVT (PowerSoft, Atterotech): (03) 9264 8000 or pavt.com.au
Audio Logistics (Audac): 1300 859 341 or audiologistics.com.au
NAS (Listen Technologies): 1800 441 440 or nas.solutions
Connected Media (RTI): connectedmediaaustralia.com.au
Avation (JustAddPower): (07) 5580 3300 or avation.com.au
Christie Digital: (07) 3624 4888 or christiedigital.com


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