New Flying System for the Geelong Arts Centre

The P.A. People install a TheatreQuip counterweight system for The Play House, Geelong Arts Centre.


1 December 2023

The Geelong Arts Centre’s Play House theatre has been given a full technical (theatre equipment) upgrade to bring the theatre infrastructure in line with the recently completed Little Malop Street Development and the associated theatre venues.  As well as the new counterweight flying equipment provided by The P.A. People, the Play House has a new audio system, production lighting, stage communications and a refurbished stage elevator.  In addition, emergency electrical infrastructure upgrades, replacement house and work lighting and a general refresh to the back of house circulation finishes, has given a new life to the original theatre on the campus.  Refreshing a 40+ year old theatre always presents challenges due to the unforeseen and unknown conditions of the building, but Geelong Arts Centre’s refresh has gifted the Play House a well-earned new lease on life and offered presenting companies and technical staff an amazing upgrade to their beloved theatre.

Manager of Venue Engineering at The P.A. People, Peter Grisard said, “This is a significant installation. There are some real advantages of a front-loading counterweight system, both from a functional perspective i.e. weights are loaded from the front, and not from the side – as many others are, and from a safety perspective i.e. the entire system is contained within a frame which is often not the case. We are pleased that the TheatreQuip system provides a fit-for-purpose solution – complementing the overall functionality of the redeveloped Venue.”

For more information, check out The P.A. People Spring Update page HERE.

The P.A. People:

Website: The P.A. People


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