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Russian Conferencing with Shure

Shure provides high-quality conference calls in AO Achimgaz building; large conference rooms, confidential executive meetings with Microflex


26 July 2021

AO Achimgaz is a gas production company that is developing oil and gas condensate fields, located near the city of Novy Urengoy in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district. This company is a joint German-Russian venture, which makes it the only project in the Russian energy sector with the participation of an international company as an equal partner.

System integrator Open Vision were tasked with providing high-quality speech capture of video conference participants in the conference hall and meeting rooms of the administrative building of AO Achimgaz. The company’s specialists designed multimedia complexes and provided professional equipment for the premises.

The new building has several meeting rooms for video conferencing. The 120-seat conference room uses the Shure conference system as well as ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems used. The small meeting room is equipped with three MXA310 table microphone arrays that work in conjunction with the P300-IMX audio conferencing DSP. A large meeting room, which is actively used by the management of AO Achimgaz, is equipped with a Microflex Complete Wireless Digital Conference System consisting of 16 MXCW640 wireless units, that provide all needed functions, like voting and identification via NFC.

Shure solutions have not only ensured high sound quality, usability and operational reliability, as noted by the customer, but also has been successfully integrated into the room’s design. The Microflex Complete Wireless system solved the problem of transmitting the audio signal in the room without wires. The rechargeable batteries system with MXCWNCS network charging stations proved to be very convenient for charging and monitoring the battery status of conference units, allowing the system to be ready to work at any time.

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Issue 27