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The Grainery Church Aims High with Nexo & Pixapanel

Local growth sees Forefront provide solutions for new space.


28 March 2020

With a move to a much larger facility, The Grainery church called on Forefront to specify, supply and install solutions for their new auditorium.

Having previously been corporate offices, there was considerable work to strip the building out to convert to a suitable worship space. The result is an auditorium seating approx. 450 people. The roof line is relatively low with considerable exposed structure and services such as A/C limiting the available positions and unobstructed sight lines for elements such as audio and lighting.

Forefront modelled various speaker system designs to work within the challenging parameters including low roof height, limited available positions and low stage height, meaning sub bass elements also needed to be flown. A Nexo GeoM10 Line Array system was chosen due to its medium form factor, combination of 12 degree and 25 degree vertical dispersion and cost effectiveness.

”The speaker system design is main left, centre and right arrays of Nexo GeoM10, augmented with PS10R2 out-fill for the extreme side of stage seating areas and ID24 elements for front fill. All elements are flown including an array of LS18 subs”, commented Nick Burns of Forefront.

As a multifunction space, ease of use for smaller functions was a must. A Xilica Neutrino processor was implemented with custom touchscreen programming, allowing instant access and control of wireless vocal microphones, music and video replay for smaller gatherings.

The results are fantastic and set for further improvement in the future with console and microphone upgrades. The process is a good case study for challenges that can present the modern day church when converting and changing the intended use of an existing space.

Group Technologies: grouptechnologies.com.au
Forefront: www.ffp.com.au


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