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Ampd Electronics’ AVIA-shortlisted audio work on the Scooby Doo Coaster.


8 November 2019

When Warner Bros Movie World’s Scooby Doo Coaster was closed to make way for the Next Generation transformation, anticipation from the ride’s fans was high. 

The ride is one of Warner Bros Movie World’s most popular attractions. The ride was closed in late 2018 for a complete theming transformation and upgraded special effects. With a proven understanding of themed entertainment, Ampd Electronics was engaged to design an audio system that would maximise the potential of the background music, complex visual features and focused sound effects that were planned to revamp the ride. 

During the early design and planning phase, Ampd worked closely with the creative staff of Village Roadshow Theme Parks to incorporate technical audio design into the conceptual, architectural and mechanical drawings. This included optimal speaker placement, recommendation of products, and plan for integration to the system’s many technical elements and overall park control and DSP system. 

With Q-SYS already in use throughout the park, QSC speakers and amplifiers were used across the ride to allow for a seamless deployment of the sound system. A mixture of QSC Acoustic Design eight-inch and 10-inch speakers were installed for special effect sounds throughout the ride. A large quantity of QSC Acoustic Design six-inch speakers were used for background music throughout the ride and foyer area. Some 48 channels of amplification are provided by the Q-SYS CXD-Q range of amplifiers. 

A Q-SYS Core 510 stores all the sound effect and background music files for the coaster, with a Q-SYS 32 channel multi-track playback expansion added for additional storage.

The entire audio system seamlessly integrates with the Medialon Showmaster show controller, as Q-SYS natively handles the required communication output. This allows real-time feedback and precision control of all audio triggers. 

Paging intercom and remote control panels were also integrated, enabling staff to use the entire sound system with ease and reliability. 

We worked closely with the theme park and building contractors to ensure that cabling installation and hardware was completed during the building works. 

The commissioning of the ride was completed in collaboration with the theme parks technical services department, providing handover, training and ongoing support.

Ampd Electronics: www.ampdelectronics.com.au


1 x QSC Q-SYS CORE 510i
2x QSC TSW-7
Wall-mount Touch Panel
1 x QSC PS-1600G Paging Station
2x QSC CXD4.5Q Networked Amplifier
5 x QSC CXD8.8Q Networked Amplifier
10 x QSC P6T Pendant Speakers
4x QSC C6T Ceiling Speakers
2 x QSC EW218SW Subwoofers
4x QSC E15 Two-way Passive Loudspeaker
22 x QSC AD-S6T Surface Mount Loudspeaker
14 x QSC AD-S8T Loudspeaker
12x QSC AD-S10T Loudspeaker
8x Apart Audio KUBO5 Compact Speaker 


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