Verge Aero Lights Up The Skies For Mexico’s Greatest Carnival


6 May 2020

Verge Aero, the specialist in high performance drone light shows, recently added a brand-new dimension to Mexico’s biggest and oldest carnival. A 130-drone display, in the skies above Mazatlán’s Olas Altas bay, delivered a spectacular new twist to the town’s traditional six-day carnival celebration, Carnaval de Mazatlán.

Situated on Mexico’s west coast, Mazatlán has one of the world’s greatest carnival traditions. Held annually since 1898, marking Mardi Gras and the start of Lent, Mazatlán’s exuberant six-day carnival is reputed to be the world’s third largest, after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.

This year, Verge Aero’s drone technology, specially developed for live entertainment productions, was brought in to precede the spectacular firework display by local pyro supplier, Pyromar. Verge Aero worked together with local partner, Sky Precision, to create the light show and coordinate it with the huge firework display, called the Combate Naval, staged each year in celebration of an 1864 naval victory.

Prior to the start of the firework display, Sky Precision’s operators flew the 130 drones 300 meters out over the Pacific Ocean. Custom content, created to reference the naval victory, the local marine life and the town of Mazatlán itself, was mapped to the drones. The precisely-choreographed imagery, which included a sinking sailing ship, leaping dolphins and pulsating jellyfish, captivated the audience as they roared with excitement ahead of the fireworks finalé.

The advanced communications infrastructure of the Verge Aero X1 drone allowed the show to be performed far out over the Pacific Ocean after being flown into position. High intensity LED lights made the show visible for miles and lit up the bay below.

CEO of Pyromar, Pepe Mar, who worked closely with the specialist drone teams throughout the project, commented: “Sky Precision and Verge Aero’s professionalism and responsibility was amazing. Always they made their best effort, and this was reflected in the outstanding show that they created.” 

Commenting on how the drones had taken Mazatlán’s Carnival show to a new level, the mayor of Mazatlán, Químico Luis Guillermo Benítez, said: “The goal was met! We accomplished Mazatlán’s objective. People were happy and proud of the best Carnival in Mexico.”

Verge Aero: verge.aero



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