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Review: Nice DC12-IP

Low voltage power packs are history.


15 August 2023

Review:/ Christopher Holder

It’s got to be the weakest link in the chain… the humble power pack. When you think about how many service calls have been made because of the failure of a one-dollar wall wart, you’ve got to wonder if there’s a better way.

As it happens, yes there is. The DC12-IP from Nice provides a rackmount alternative.

Nice is an Italian-based company with stronger resi credentials but there’s nothing about this product that wouldn’t make it just as suitable for commercial applications. Furman is also in the Nice stable of brands and knows a thing or two about power management and I’m sure there’s some sharing of technology.


This unit offers 12 channels of low voltage power, along with surge protection, AC power filtering and some nifty management features when you log into its online management interface. 

Each channel features either a 12V or 5V output on a terminal block or 5V via a USB-A socket.

When it comes to connecting your gear to the DC12-IP some care and consideration obviously needs to be taken to power draw and polarity. But once you’ve got your gear properly plumbed in, this device will look after you. There’s a 150W of total power available at anyone time, and if demand exceeds that, then the unit is smart enough to power down devices one at a time until things are back on track.


The DC12-IP can happily exist in your rack without a network connection but once connected you open up the world of BlueBolt remote management. BlueBolt is an online remote management platform developed by Nice. Once you’ve registered your device with the BlueBolt web server you can monitor power usage and other vital statistics. 

The unit has preprogrammed output sequencing  and power cycling settings but you can tweak those settings in BlueBolt as desired, as well as programmed power downs. Alternatively, the DC12-IP provides a built-in web GUI to access these features, you just need the IP address.


I’d suggest this device pays for itself after a couple of service call outs, thanks to a dodgy power pack or dodgy connection. What’s more, the CD12-IP cleans up the rack wiring and cable management no end. I’m thinking of those back-of-the-rack power strips populated by a centipede of wall warts that can get dislodged or fried, that are powering a collection of mission-critical wireless mic transmitters, or transceivers, or media players… 

I think the DC12-IP makes a good case for why it should be in your rack.


Nice DC12-IP

Smart DC Power Manager




AP Technologies:


  • 12 DC output ports
    • Plug-in terminal block with 12VDC/5A & 5V/2.2A output terminals
    • USB-A with 5V/2.2A output
    • Overload and short circuit protection
  • 150W total output capacity
  • Surge protection
  • Programmable power on/off sequencing and cycling
  • Ethernet network interface
  • BlueBOLT Cloud Control Enabled

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