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AREC New Australian Distribution

LS Media Station range now available in ANZ region.


5 May 2023

AP Technologies, the Australian specialist importer and distributor of video communications and streaming solutions is now handling AREC’s LS Media Station range. AREC is a global company that designs, develops and sells AV-over-IP solutions. These products have earned a reputation for the outstanding innovation and reliable performance, making lecture capture, live streaming, meeting recording, and multimedia applications more productive and smart.

The AREC Media Station is an embedded, standalone, all-in-one device that supports multiple Full HD video and audio sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording and live streaming. AREC Media Station enables users to produce a creative video easily and efficiently.

Capturing & Video Production
Real-time assistant in video making: Built-in Online Director and a touch-friendly graphical user interface, AREC Media Station allows users to be in control of their recording/streaming. It also makes users easily switch between sources, add or remove backgrounds/overlays, and change layouts/themes.

Live Streaming
Broadcast your mixed video: AREC Media Station can stream mixed video to up to two platforms simultaneously, on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other live broadcasting websites.

Recording & Backup
Keep your recording safe: AREC Media Station allows one mixed video and multiple individual video sources recording that can save on the internal hard drive. To increase security, AREC Media Station can automatically backup/upload recordings to AREC Media Center, FTP, SFTP, Opencast, Panopto, and Kaltura.

Management & Integration
Remote management that is simple to integrate: With the built-in Video Manager, videos stored in the AREC Media Station can be managed remotely. Designed to work in network environment, AREC Media Station has an API that provides access to many functions in Media Station. All of the video content, metadata, and thumbnail can be delivered seamlessly for the server software integration.

LS-860 (Non-NDI):

LS-860 (NDI):





LS-US2 (Non-NDI):


AREC: arec.com
Australian Distributor: aptech.com.au


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