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Stephen Peereboom re-joins Bose Professional.


21 February 2023

Bose Professional is pleased to welcome the return of Stephen Peereboom as the newly appointed, Queensland-based Territory Manager in ANZ. He is already a valued, familiar resource to the Bose business and its partners in ANZ — having previously represented Bose’s interests as Regional Sales Engineer. Bose says that it is fortunate to have Steve re-join the team after he took some time away from the business to further develop a charity run by his partner.

In the short time that he’s been back onboard Steve’s already shown great enthusiasm and capacity to deliver results. Bose anticipates that he’ll hit the ground running, and leverage his existing integrator and consultant relationships to expand the Bose Professional presence in ANZ, and contribute to the success of the wider region.

Steve can be contacted at his email.

Bose Professional: pro.bose.com


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