Barco Extends Compatibility with New Lumens Intelligent Tracking Technology

Lumens Digital Optics Inc.’s new generation of AI-based cameras and voice-tracking technologies has been validated by Barco.


12 December 2023

Lumens Digital Optics Inc.’s new generation of AI-based cameras and voice-tracking technologies has been validated by Barco for use with ClickShare Conference. Newly validated devices include the VC-TR30 HD and VC-TR60 4K auto-tracking PTZ cameras, plus the CamConnect Pro and MS-10S voice-tracking meeting room solutions.

The announcement means a significant step forward for meeting equity, with improved engagement for remote audiences. By automating meeting room and presentation cameras, the technology will enable organizations to lower operating costs.

“We are in the midst of a revolution in AV automation, with meeting room technology advancing at a rapid pace. As a Barco Alliance Partner, Lumens AI customers can be sure of a plug and play experience with ClickShare Conference products. This will deliver instant advantages for meeting attendees, installers and AV technicians,” said Steven Liang, VP of Product Development at Lumens Digital Optics Inc.

“Technology has a pivotal role in making collaboration effective. Especially in hybrid meetings, it is crucial that all meeting participants have equal opportunity to contribute,” explains Dan Root, the Head of Global Strategic Alliances for Meeting Experiences at Barco. “In close partnership with its broad ecosystem of solutions, ClickShare places the user at the centre of the meeting experience, fostering engagement and connection. Partnering with Lumens on their new Intelligent Tracking Technology enhances the collaborative experience for both in-room and remote participants.”

CamConnect Pro and MS-10S are voice-tracking solutions which automatically focus the camera on the live voice in a meeting space. This allows remote attendees to follow discussions and interact with colleagues, removing the need for impersonal wide-angle cameras. VC-TR30 and VC-TR60 are professional auto-tracking PTZ cameras. With powerful optical zoom lenses and high sensitivity sensors, they follow the movement of presenters accurately and smoothly, transforming distance learning, online training and conference production.

All Lumens products are shipping now and are available from a worldwide network of distributors.

Barco Systems Pty Ltd: 1800 331 554

Website: www.barco.com

Corsair Solutions: (03) 9005 9861

Website: www.corsairsolutions.com.au


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