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CHW Rebrand

CHW rebrands to Umbrella Technology Consulting, and are undergoing a review of their core business tenets going forward into the future.


24 November 2020

CHW Consulting announced a name change a couple of weeks ago. Their press release goes as follows…

After 17 years as CHW Consulting, we are pleased to announce our name change and rebrand. From today, we are now UT Consulting (Umbrella Technology Consulting).

Since 2003, CHW has experienced significant growth in our capability, our team, and the size of the projects we work on. However, our identity and branding have remained the same. To continue growing the business, we knew our brand needed to be clearer in communicating our team’s focus on:

  • The expansion of our specialised technology consulting offering;
  • Ensuring our team remain industry leaders in technology consulting services;
  • Protecting our Clients from the risk associated with the delivery of new, cutting-edge technology;
  • Ensuring we have freedom to innovate by keeping design work in-house and independent from external influence; and,
  • Creating technology solutions informed by the Users’ needs.

At CHW, we spent so much time focused on growing the business and delivering work, we did not pause to reflect on our foundation, what made us unique, and how we have changed over time. Today, what started as a three person consultancy is now responsible for delivering Information Technology, Communications, Audio Visual, Cyber Security and Technology Advisory services across many of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects. 

The new UT Consulting brand is the product of our team defining what has made CHW successful these past 17 years. We believe the branding work we have undertaken will clarify our technology consulting offering and our position as a leader in the market. Alongside the cosmetic changes we will be making, we have also undertaken a substantial review of our internal documentation and processes to ensure our consulting offering is streamlined and aligns with our new brand identity. 

Our Clients will be the number one beneficiary of our rebranding effort, and we look forward to meeting with many of you to discuss your future collaboration with UT Consulting. 

UT Consulting:



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