23 August 2018

At Integrate 2018, avt announced the distribution of Mimo Monitors, experts in small touchscreen displays, in Australasia and Asia-Pacific. With the expansion of Utelogy software based control and Tripleplay leaders in IPTV and digital signage, avt set out earlier this year to find a small display to compliment its existing range.

“We have been very strategic and deliberate in the selection of complimentary product categories to expand our distribution and earlier this year we identified a need for a small web-enabled touchpanel for meeting rooms and teaching spaces that could act as the interface for software based control.” says avt’s Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, Graham Barrett.  “In addition to user interface solutions there are a myriad of applications for small form-factor touch and non-touch displays in digital signage and adjacent industries. After reviewing several manufacturers it was very clear that Mimo Monitors was the partner we had been looking for.”

“As evident with the opening of our office in the Netherlands in February of this year, we are committed to our global growth strategy,” said David Anderson, President and Founder of Mimo Monitors. “avt’s commitment to customer service excellence was music to our ears and we knew we had found a partner that would represent our brand to the highest standard in Australasia and Asia Pacific.”

CEO of avt Graham Evans said “Our corporate, education, venue and hospitality partners are increasingly turning to software platforms for their digital signage as well their AV control to enable them to dynamically change content and access user interfaces instantly through web-based application. The inclusion of Mimo Monitors into avt’s rapidly growing and evolving product suite is a logical addition.”

Also announced at Integrate 2018, MezzoCast by avt expands on the Mezzo (meaning middleware) platform, it leverages the real-time people count capability of the PanaCast camera system providing updates to a meeting room’s Office365 calendar and to the meeting room booking panel to accurately reflect room occupancy and to allow users to easily manage their meeting room spaces in real time – automatically with no manual touch points required.

Mimo Monitors: www.mimomonitors.com
avt: www.avt.tech


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