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BenQ adds Two Displays To AWS Partner Device Catalog

DuoBoard and RP02 now listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog, work seamlessly with Amazon Web Services to deliver IoT solutions


28 June 2021

BenQ announces that two of its top-of-the-line interactive displays have passed the Amazon Web Services Device Qualification Program and are now listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog.

Two displays now listed in the catalog:

BenQ DuoBoard: a corporate interactive display built for enhancing meeting room collaboration. With cloud-based storage and all the essential tools for collaboration and conferencing built in, the DuoBoard allows teams to work collaboratively and flexibly, whatever their meeting room setup may be.

BenQ RP02: an interactive display for education designed to provide engaging teaching and learning environments in all classrooms. Equipped with a cloud-based whiteboard and storage solution, the RP02 facilitates collaboration from virtually any device, in any location. This smart interactive display also comes with built-in air quality sensors, a germ-resistant screen, and eye care technology to help foster education in a healthy environment

Products listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog are certified by Amazon and guaranteed to work seamlessly with AWS. The catalog helps businesses discover qualified hardware to build and deliver successful IoT solutions.

The BenQ interactive displays are specifically qualified for AWS IoT Core, a cloud service which enables devices to connect easily and securely without the need to provision or manage servers.


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Issue 27