24 January 2017


Chief has developed a new mount for interactive displays that allows for easy installation over existing whiteboards or chalkboards. The solution keeps all existing equipment intact while maintaining a stable surface for the optimal touch screen experience. Installation to concrete block, brick or wood substrates doesn’t require whiteboard removal or wall renovation that can uncover further issues like asbestos. The WBM4E allows installation of XL interactive displays with a heavy-duty weight capacity of 140.6kg. Integrated macro- and micro-height adjustment and lateral shift provide precise positioning for the best user experience.

“As the cost of interactive displays lowers, more and more schools are opting to add the technology into their classrooms,” said Gina Schneider, product manager. “This mount provides the stability needed for interactive surfaces while at the same time eliminating possible damage to existing whiteboards.”

Chief: www.milestone.com


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