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Crestron TST-1080

New wireless touch screen for unified control across range of spaces.


19 June 2023

Crestron Electronics has announced the TST-1080 wireless touch screen for customisable control over media presentation and teleconferencing systems, lighting and shades, HVAC and home theatre, and a host of other technologies. The TST-1080 brings elegance and uncompromised performance to both commercial and residential applications.

Featuring a high-contrast 10.1-inch capacitive LED touch screen, the TST-1080 allows completely customisable control over media presentation and its wireless design provides freedom over how and when users leverage control. Advanced features include voice commands for controlling touch screen functions, full-motion streaming video from cameras and other sources, Rava SIP intercom, and an internet browser.

The TST-1080 provides a universal status bar that is populated with virtual buttons for quick access to common touch functions. Each button is preconfigured with Power, Home, Lights, Up, Down, and Microphone and can be programmed via a Crestron Control system to provide custom functionality. Any unused buttons can be individually hidden. With a thin, tablet-style design ideal for both portable and stationary use, the TST-1080 has a rechargeable battery that supports nine hours of continuous use between charges. Support for WiFi 5/6 communications and WPA/WPA2 Enterprise encryption assures dependable and secure connectivity throughout a commercial facility or home.

Dynamic User Interfaces

The TST-1080 is designed to support the new Crestron Construct UI editing tool for accelerated UI design and deployment across all interfaces in an enterprise environment. An intuitive, HTML5-based user interface editing tool for Crestron Control devices, Crestron Construct enables UI designers to develop rich, front-end user interfaces at scale.

XiO Cloud Service

The TST-1080 is compatible with the XiO Cloud service for remotely provisioning, monitoring, and managing Crestron devices across an enterprise or an entire client base. XiO Cloud management enables installers and IT managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices simultaneously. Unlike other virtual machine-based cloud solutions, it provides unlimited scalability to suit the ever-growing needs of an enterprise.

Crestron Home OS Control

The TST-1080 may also be used to control a Crestron Home OS whole home solution. Select the Crestron Home app from the touch screen to control lighting, shades, climate, media, security, and cameras, including the ability to design and recall scenes that create a desired ambiance throughout a home.

The Crestron TST-1080 wireless touch screen ships in July 2023.



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Issue 28