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amx seven-inch touch panel



9 June 2016

amx seven-inch touch panel
One of Harman’s product releases at InfoComm 2016 is the new seven-inch AMX N-Touch Panels — an update to the AMX N-Series. It brings a larger touch screen and improved hardware design. The panels are available in both tabletop and wall-mount options, and are based upon the Modero S Series hardware design, giving users a control interface to AMX SVSI Networked AV systems. Control over SVSi covers virtually all aspects, including changing which video content is shown on a screen, changing windowing processor presets or starting and stopping recordings. The panels can also control source and display devices connected to the RS-232 and IR ports built into the SVSI encoders and decoders. The new NMX-ENC-N1115-WP Encoder Wall Plate and N1512 Windowing Processor also join the SVSI family, announced by Harman at InfoComm.

“The 7″ N-Touch panels include everything needed to create an easy-to-use control surface,” says Paul Krizan, Product Manager for Networked AV at Harman Professional Solutions. “The panel has a touchscreen for the user interface, a control processor with simple, yet flexible, scripting for control of network-based devices, and built-in design tools that programmers can access with a web browser.”

amx rapid project maker

AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM) also gets several updates and enhancements. The cloud-based configuration tool now provides tools to simplify the commissioning of Harman’s audio, video and control devices directly from with RPM’s new HTML5-based Configuration Manager tool. Other features include enhancements to the Configuration Manager on the master’s web pages, support for AMX Modero X and HydraPort touchpanels, new RoomBook-style scheduling panel interface theme, and better integration with AMX Resource Management Suite. Harman also announced support for Microsoft Surface Hub in AMX Rapid Project Maker.


The Soundweb London BLU-USB interface is an accessory product for interfacing USB audio to BLU link-enable audio systems. It allows a PC or Mac to send audio to, and receive from, the BLU link bus. It’s ideal for corporate meeting room applications that use a variety of web-based conferencing services and easily integrates any computer with the local conference audio system. BLU-USB can simultaneously send and receive up to eight channels of audio. “We designed BLU-USB to be the easiest way to integrate corporate soft-phones to local conference audio systems,” said Tom Lureman, Large Venue Electronics Solutions Manager, Harman Processional Solutions. “BLU-USB solves the distance limitations associated with USB transmission. By converting audio to BLU link close to the source, the processor can be located in a different location up to 10m away.”

Crown_DCi DA 41250_front

Two new sets of amplifiers from Crown have been announced. The DCi DriveCore Series offers a balance of functionality and affordability, providing the power and capabilities of Crown’s popular DriveCore Install (DCi) Series amps with a streamlined set of options targeted to deliver optimal value to small and medium-sized applications. In addition, the new Crown DCi-DA Series brings Dante networked audio options to the DriveCore Install amplifier family, with five models joining the range featuring the most popular combination of channel count and output power.

VMA2120_Value Series 2 CH Front

Several new releases have appeared from JBL’s direction, one of which was the all-new VMA Series of mixer/amplifiers, developed for commercial audio installations. The VMA Series feature both 70V and 100V output with convenient features for flexible global use, even offering Bluetooth connectivity and a USB media player. Rack mounting hardware is included. “JBL Commercial’s VMA Series mixer/amplifiers give our customers more options to meet various needs,” said Emilian Wojtowycz, Solutions Manager Restaurant & Retail, Harman Professional Solutions. “They are an excellent solution for installations where performance and flexibility are required.”

Also from JBL, the Control Contractor Series of surface-mount speakers is expanded with the addition of three new, lower-priced, dedicated low-impedance versions (1L models).


The JBL Control 80 Series Landscape Loudspeakers were introduced, featuring two highly weather-resistant models designed to provide full-range sound and 360° coverage. Intended for ground placement, the applications for the Control 80 Series are things like shopping malls, theme parks, sports venues, hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, hospitality, entrance ways, leisure venues, etc. “We designed the Control 80 Series loudspeakers to have a modern appearance that blends in well with a variety of commercial landscapes,” said Rick Kamlet, Senior Manager, Commercial Loudspeakers, Harman Professional Solutions. “Their ability to provide high-fidelity, 360°coverage makes them highly effective as ground-mounted loudspeakers for outdoor locations where providing high-quality audio has been typically difficult.”

In the live sound market, JBL expanded its Intellivox HP Series of column loudspeakers with the new HP-DS170, suited to highly reverberant, acoustically challenging environments. The beam shaping loudspeaker has built-in amplification, onboard DSP and Digital Directivity Synthesis technology, offering the same features of the HP DS370 at a lower size and price point.

Martin Exterior VC-Dot HP_rs

The lighting world wasn’t left out, with Martin introducing the Exterior Dot-HP LED video fixture. It’s a full RGB colour mixing dot that allows for long fixture runs with variable pixel pitches, and makes for a great addition tot he existing Martin VC-Dot series and Exterior Pixline products. “The Exterior Dot-HP is rugged and super bright, offering lighting designers an impactful way to incorporate low-resolution creative LED into large scale structures like stadiums, arenas, hotels, bridges and landmarks,” said Robert Svensson, Product Manager, Large Venue, Harman Professional Solutions. “This product enables our customers to create huge video mapping projects with viewing distances of at least 300 meters. And because the Dot-HP is so bright, it can be used in indoor spaces with high ambient light levels like shopping malls and transportation terminals.”

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