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Logitech Expands Collaboration Lineup with Zone Wired Headset

Get Uninterrupted Video Calls with a Headset Certified for Microsoft Teams.


28 February 2020

Logitech announces it is expanding its video conferencing solutions for the entire work environment and enhancing the personal workspace with its upcoming Zone Wired headset. With this new headset, Logitech now has a complete modern portfolio of both wired and wireless headsets giving customers flexibility to choose the right solution for their preferences. Whether you’re in an open office or working remotely, Logitech Zone headsets make it even easier to focus and work from anywhere.

“We’ve tackled small, medium and large meeting rooms with high-quality room solutions,” said Philippe Depallens, general manager of personal collaboration at Logitech. “Now, we’re establishing a category of products designed for the personal workspace that provide a complete personal collaboration experience, whether that’s with audio or webcams. As video collaboration continues to grow, our goal is to provide solutions that are simple to use so you can perform your best no matter where you take your meetings and calls.”

Expanding the Logitech personal collaboration portfolio, Zone Wired joins Zone Wireless, both available in a Unified Communications (UC) and Certified Microsoft Teams version. You can use the headset with popular calling applications such as Zoom, and Zone Wired will also be bundled with Logitech webcam solutions to complete your personal workspace setup.

The new Zone Wired headset is designed with premium audio drivers for optimal calls or music listening and a sleek in-line controller for quickly muting, playing or pausing audio. The headset includes a tangle-free cable and USB Type-A or Type-C connectivity, offering more versatility, and is compatible with the Logi Tune mobile and desktop apps.

Zone Wired features Microsoft Teams premium microphone for open office, enabling the mic to remove neighbours’ conversations from being overheard on your call. Additionally, the Microsoft Teams version of Zone Wired includes a unique Teams UI and in-line control button, making it easy to launch a Microsoft Teams meeting with a click, pick up and answer a Teams call, and use voice skills with Cortana by long-pressing the button.

Logitech Zone Wired Unified Communications (UC) and certified for Microsoft Teams versions will be available in spring 2020 with MSRP starting at $129. Personal Collaboration Kits with Zone Wired included will also be available later this spring and range from $249 – $299.

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