Lumens MS-10S

New voice-tracking video soundbar for meeting rooms launched.


20 July 2023

Lumens Digital Optics Inc.’s new MS-10S video conferencing video soundbar features a 4K voice-tracking camera which automatically frames the active talker in a meeting space. This in-built intelligence helps remote viewers focus on the in-room discussion, greatly improving communication, collaboration, and meeting equity.

The MS-10S incorporates a voice-optimised loudspeaker, quad-beamforming microphones, and USB connectivity for voice, audio and Ethernet communications. It ships with optional expansion microphones to increase the coverage in larger boardrooms and conferencing suites, ensuring clear voice pickup throughout the space. Its ultra-wide (120°) camera can zoom in 4x digitally with no loss of picture quality, delivering excellent quality HD output over any standard video conferencing platform, including Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

“MS-10S is the all-round VC package. Its advanced and expandable microphone array, twinned with an exceptional voice-tracking camera gives audio-visual results which were simply not possible with previous generation products. With our 5-year warranty and broad software and hardware compatibility, MS-10S can be relied on for almost all your video conferencing needs,” noted Steven Liang, VP of Product Development at Lumens.

MS-10S replaces the popular MS-10 model, with breakthrough upgrades to video processing and sound capture. The camera joins CamConnect Pro as Lumens’ second product to offer voice-tracking capabilities.

Lumens: mylumens.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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