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Microflex Ceiling Mic Unveiled at InfoComm


14 June 2019

At InfoComm 2019, Shure unveils its new Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone with IntelliMix DSP. The next evolution of the array microphone system, the MXA910 ceiling array microphone empowers integrators, consultants, and meeting participants to embrace collaborative speech environments. Designed for spaces that demand an effortless, seamless, and connected audio solution, the MXA910 microphone with IntelliMix DSP enables broad, cost-effective deployment in an attractive industrial design — suitable for a variety of rooms with specific aesthetics requirements.

The new MXA910 microphone combines state-of-the-art array microphone technology with the Shure IntelliMix DSP — comprised of Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction, and Automatic Mixing — for exceptional, unprecedented control.

Patent-pending Autofocus Technology continually finetunes the position of each lobe in real time, for consistent sound when participants lean back in their chairs, or stand up.

The MXA910 microphone with IntelliMix DSP features many “ease of deployment” capabilities. These include simplified templates and Autofocus Technology for immediate out-of-box setup. Designer software compatibility provides unmatched ease of configuration, so installations can happen more quickly and efficiently.

It can directly connect to a hardware or software codec using the DSP embedded in the ceiling microphone. When used with a Shure audio network interface (ANI), it provides users with a simplified room solution that provides a microphone and DSP in one cost-effective package.

Integrators can also incorporate multiple MXA910 microphones and the Shure IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor for simplified room expansion and scalability, thanks to the distributed DSP architecture. The portfolio delivers an unprecedented level of control while reducing cost and streamlining integration and installation, making connections feel effortless for AV professionals and users alike.

For more information on Shure and the new MXA910 microphone with IntelliMix DSP visit Shure at InfoComm Booth #5845.

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