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Power Up AV Equipment Safely With Surge X SEQ 1210i Sequencer


6 September 2019

For professional AV setups with multiple electronic devices, which require powering up and down in sequence, SurgeX SEQ-1210i provides sequencing, conditioning, shutdown thresholds and surge protection required to safeguard audio, video, broadcast and computer  equipment.

Easy to install and program, the Surge X SEQ 1210i sequencer has robust management features including, two always-on IEC outlets and four banks of two IEC outlets, which power on in sequence and power down in reverse sequence, cascade output to extend the sequence into additional SEQ-1210i sequencers and a “virtual” bank for users to control remote units.

Engineered with Advanced Series Mode surge technology, devices are provided with superior surge protection and damage prevention. The SEQ 1210i completely eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 volts, without earth contamination or common mode disturbances, compared to more conventional MOV circuitry.

Key features:

  • Advanced Series Mode surge elimination technology
  • Four sequenced banks of two receptacles; two always-on receptacles
  • Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filter
  • COUVS Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown
  • SurgeX ICE Inrush Current Elimination
  • A-1-1 Certified

Ametek: www.ameteksp.com
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au


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