qsc q-sys av-to-usb bridge with ptz ip cameras



15 May 2017

qsc q-sys av-to-usb bridge with ptz ip cameras

Evolving from an ‘audio DSP’ to an ‘audio video control’ (AVC) solution, QSC has expanded the Q-Sys platform with PTZ-IP cameras and an AV-to-USB bridging peripheral. The QSC I/O USB Bridge leverages driverless USB 2.0 to serve your computer AEC speakerphone audio and webcam video emulation for software-based conferencing.  No additional software or drivers are required to make the solution work with soft codec applications such as Skype for Business, ClickMeeting, Adobe Connect, GotoMeeting, WebEx, and others.

The I/O USB Bridge and two models of PTZ IP cameras with 12x or 20x optical zoom integrated with a Q-Sys Core to audio and video feeds. With these additional products Q-Sys now leverages network technology for audio/video transport and switching and uses USB as the final connection to your PC. An audio/video stream can be distributed over USB to multiple computers (installed PCs and BYOD devices) simultaneously. QSC’s Q-Lan network technology allows as many cameras and bridging peripherals as required to be added to the system. End users can preview, switch and control video streams using QSC touchscreen controllers, PCs, and iOS devices. In addition designers create the user control interface using the same simple drag ’n’ drop software used to design the system.

QSC I/O USB Bridge will retail for $3499 and the PTZ-IP 12×72 and PTZ-IP 20×60 cameras for $7999 and $9999 respectively.

QSC: www.qsc.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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