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31 May 2016

renkus-heinz korea

The company that provides South Korea’s power isn’t allowed to have its name in print. The same company opened its headquarters at the beginning of 2016 near to the South Korean city of Gyeongju in the province of Gyeongsang. What is discloseable is that Renkus-Heinz was the go-to solution when the new facility encountered acoustic problems.

The HQ includes a large auditorium, a number of conferencing rooms, and even an outdoor sports arena. Each is equipped with its own Renkus-Heinz system, supplied by local distributor DK Vascom. But the decision to choose RH came thanks to a previous success story within the company’s PA system in its employee apartments.

renkus-heinz korea

The issue with the install at the HQ’s main auditorium was the discovery of an acoustic blind spot in the first four rows of the high balcony. Through the use of RHAON software, only four hours were required to reconfigure and recalibrate the Renkus-Heinz solution.

Main front of house reinforcement within the auditorium is now served by a total of 22 self-powered PN102LA series line arrays modules, with low-end support delivered by four CFX15S subwoofers. An additional 18 TRX61 two-way enclosures, equipped with 6.5-inch LF drivers provide additional coverage, alongside eight TRX81 enclosures, loaded with eight-inch woofers. Four TRX82 models complete the auditorium system, with mixing done on a Midas M32 digital console.

Three of the facility’s four conferencing rooms are served with pairs of TRX82 enclosures, but a high ceiling in the fourth caused reverberation issues. DK Vascom and local partner company Sein came up with a unique solution in the shape of IC8 digitally steerable Iconyx columns.

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