Resorts World Las Vegas: Common Areas

Part Three: Q-SYS creates high-end experiences.


12 September 2022

The Resorts World Las Vegas team required a solution that offered a tight Dante AV integration to support easy end point additions. Considering the large number of space-types and designs, the team focused on a software-based system that allowed for fast standardisation and consistent outcomes. After entering the doors into the Resorts World Las Vegas lobby — with its sleek lighting and modern design — you might choose to move directly into the bustling casino floor, or perhaps relax in a lounge, or more likely, just head straight to the elevators to drop off your luggage. 


Encompassing the gaming floor, hotel lobbies, gaming salons, corridors, hallways, vestibules, elevators and more, these spaces are united under the umbrella of being common areas, though they’re anything but ordinary. Integrator partner National Technology Associates collaborated with the Resorts World Las Vegas team to bring these areas to their full potential. “Each space has its own requirements,” explains Shane Snell, Project Manager, National Technology Associates. “For example, a private gaming area might need Bluetooth audio, while the casino floor needs DJ microphone inputs and a lounge might require a piano input. Each area is a part of a larger system, but delivers a different experience.”


Adjusting to the particulars of each space might have been daunting, but the software-based relationship between Q-SYS and Dante as a licensed feature allows for simple additions to the network — everything from Bluetooth audio to DJ microphones. Snell describes his experience as being “So easy! There’s not a lot you can do wrong between Dante and Q-SYS. It is just a network switch to an endpoint. Q-SYS is fully supportive of Dante, so all of these different areas with different requirements became much more straight forward. We simply brought in Dante-enabled devices and Q-SYS did the rest.”


With an installation as large and variable as Resorts World Las Vegas, the backend could have gotten out of control on any other platform. However, the Resorts World Las Vegas team maintains a similar structure within all Q-SYS Designer Software files, whether it’s a gaming salon, or a restaurant, or a private salon. Programmers on the backend are then able to quickly conceptualise and adjust due to the structural consistency within different space types, all of this being further facilitated by Q-SYS Designer Software’s intuitive interface. 

Snell elaborates, “The way Q-SYS Designer Software allows people to control Q-SYS is a huge differentiator. Other manufacturers will make you select a device, and use some sort of crazy ID or command code, whereas with Q-SYS all we have to do is name what we want controlled and it will present itself to the programmers. It makes it so easy for us to let the programmers know where we want them to apply controls. It’s much more open.”


This intuitive design extends from supporting programmers to facilitating front-of-house success. Resorts World Las Vegas sports a highly adept in-house audio-visual team, including AV operators that act as a technical concierge for salons hosting VIP guests. Manned with an iOS device running the ‘Q-SYS Control’ app, these individuals ensure that the space is meeting the environmental expectations of high value patrons. 

Through the same consistency of design and easy usability, the internal AV team has quickly mastered the system, which was evidenced by the Resorts World Las Vegas grand opening having zero service calls or issues. “Q-SYS is the only truly network friendly audio, visual and control platform,” Snell concludes. “They’ve designed their software so that it doesn’t take any proprietary or unusual switch gear or specialty cabling. I don’t think I design anything right now but Q-SYS.”

Q-SYS: qsys.com
National Technology Associates: ntechassoc.com
Resorts World Las Vegas: rwlasvegas.com
Australian Distributor: tag.com.au

Las Vegas has long been famous as a destination of luxury and adventure, no more so than on the glittering Las Vegas Strip. With a high standard already set, Resorts World Las Vegas entered the race and immediately made their presence known as the first integrated resort to be built on the Strip in over a decade. Containing a seamless blend of technology and elegance, the construction was ambitious: two towers, over 3,500 rooms, and multiple dining and event experiences, not to mention the massive casino floor itself. 

To achieve this the Resorts World Las Vegas team selected four different contract partners to work toward their ultimate vision, each centred around their own area of the installation: luxury suites, event spaces, common areas and network architecture.

In Part Three of this case study, we dive into the common areas in the installation and look at the unique considerations for the multi-varied spaces that bind together the vibrant atmosphere that is Resorts World Las Vegas.


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