12 February 2018

SiliconCore launched its first LED display for live production and rental projects at ISE 2018 – the Lavender LIVE 1.2mm features a brand new pixel design to create the highest resolution LED display for the market.

LavenderLIVE is dramatically different from traditional LED displays, with a unique Tetra Pixel design, providing a more advanced and robust solution. It features CoB (Chip on Board) technology, and utilises SiliconCore’s patented Common Cathode and Z.A.C.H. HDR design to maintain the display’s low power consumption, high brightness and HDR image performance, with remarkable durability.

The system design enables a more compact placement onto the PCB, greatly minimising individual pixel damage in rugged environments. At 1200 nit brightness, the 500mm x 500mm cabinet is cable free and offers front cabinet servicing and a variety of mounting solutions, along with the opportunity to create concave structures. Now rental partners can provide a high resolution LED alternative especially made for rugged environments, which were previously unavailable in a 1.2mm pixel pitch.

LavenderLIVE is produced in partnership with Rocket Sign, a manufacturer with expertise in the rental industry and cabinet design. The combination of Rocket Sign’s ability to produce solutions for the rental market and SiliconCore’s track record for technological advances represents the shift towards more demand for higher resolutions in the market place.

Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore says, “For many years we have been asked to utilise our Common Cathode technology for robust applications in the rental market. This is a fantastic breakthrough and the start of our journey to revolutionising displays for exhibition stands, awards, conferences and product launches. We’re inviting rental companies to come to the booth and see the technology and image quality first hand.”

The Lavender Live 1.2mm display is presented in a hanging 2m x 6m portrait display, of  1600×2400 resolution on booth 10-S155 at ISE 2018 during 6th- 9th February.

SiliconCore: www.silicon-core.com


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