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27 July 2014


Chief's XVAU extra-large video conferencing cart
Chief’s XVAU extra-large video conferencing cart

Chief has released new Fusion carts designed to handle extra large and dual display configurations. “We saw a need for greater stability to support the extra large displays and touch panels that were on the market,” says product manager Kathryn Gaskell. “Fusion’s extra large carts come with the versatility needed to support rack-mounted equipment and even two displays at once.”

The XPAU extra-large mobile cart is designed for extra-large and touch panel displays from 55 to more than 100 inches, and up to 136kg. It has space for internal storage including hardware to vertically mount 2RUs of AV gear. The XVAU extra-large video conferencing cart comes fully assembled with a camera shelf and 11RUs of rack rail for components, and is designed for 37 to 70inch displays up to 113 kg. Additional features include a turn knob to adjust screen heights, removable panels for easy access and cable management and lockable front casters, and both carts can also be customised for dual monitor video-conferencing use with a dual monitor accessory.

IDT: 1300 666 099 or www.idt.com.au

Chief: http://www.chiefmfg.com




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