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Game, Set and Map


21 February 2013

As mapped projection continues its mission to cover the entire surface of the planet, Tennis Australia invited it along to make its mark on Centre Court at the 2013 Australian Open tennis championship.

In 2012 Tennis Australia engaged analogue projection specialists Projection Teknik to provide some pre-match audience interest on the centre court with a pair of its 6kW (80K ANSI lumen) Pani HMI projectors, fitted with 180mm x 180mm slide changers. Organisers were so pleased with the response they decided to take the mapped projection concept much further for the 2013 Open.

This year Projection Teknik brought in its digital projection technology supplier Technical Direction Company (TDC) to deliver full-motion video content onto the playing area before matches and during presentation ceremonies. The installation consisted of six of TDC’s latest 26K ANSI lumen Barco HD projectors rigged on the main catwalk surrounding the Rod Laver arena. Covering the court accurately and evenly from such a high angle required some serious warping and blending from the Coolux Pandoras Box LT players driving the projectors.

Tennis Australia Media created unique video content for each game, featuring graphics and footage of the players combined with footage from previous matches, all mapped onto the lines of the court. The Pandoras Box ability to be rapidly updated proved invaluable as each day’s presentations were delivered just an hour and a half before show time.
What’s next? Live image mapping onto the tennis ball in flight once it’s gone out of play? Don’t snigger too loudly, the technology to achieve it is only a moment away.

Projection Teknik: 0411 726 546 or
Technical Direction Company: (02) 8332 2100 or
Pani Projection and Lighting:


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Issue 25