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Review: Magewell Pro Convert Audio DX

A new audio converter in the rock-solid Pro Convert range.


5 May 2023

Magewell’s Pro Convert is an expanding range of well-priced, rock-solid converter boxes relied on by AV and broadcast people, and content producers. So any fresh addition to the Pro Convert line is a good thing — chances are it’ll scratch another conversion itch and it’ll be a welcome inclusion into the AV kit bag.

The Pro Convert Audio DX is just that: a deceptively-capable audio converter.


On the input front, you’ve got two unbalanced and balanced lines in, four channels of USB audio and eight channels of Dante. The ethernet port can also take four channels of SRT and NDI.

It’s a similar story with the outputs: two unbalanced and two balanced lines, four channels of USB and eight channels of Dante. The unit can also encode four channels of 16-bit audio for RTSP, SRT and/or NDI audio stream simultaneously.

As mentioned, it’s a compact package that is deceptively powerful.

And it’s smart. You can get under the bonnet of the Audio DX via its web GUI. Those familiar with Pro Convert may have seen all this before but I was really impressed with the level of control and diagnostics on offer. Arguably the most powerful feature is an audio matrix that allows you to send any of the sources to any of the outputs. You can also alter the global sample rate, change the input and output sensitivity of the analogue I/O, check the activity log —  far from a dumb box.

So don’t get kidded into thinking the Audio DX is just a four-channel USB interface or just a Dante on/off ramp, the IP audio capabilities make it a powerful streaming box, while the matrix makes it really quite flexible. 

For further flexibility you can use the Dante controller software to handle the Dante routing and configuration. 

My only minor concern are the minijacks. They save space but require breakout cables that you absolutely wouldn’t want separated from the box itself — the 4.4mm breakout, in particular, is not something you’ll find at Jaycar if you get caught short.

Otherwise, if you’re an AV events person, I’d suggest you’d want one of these little boxes in your kit bag, it’s bound to save your skin at some point. Indispensable.


Magewell Pro Convert Audio DX

Audio Converter


$984 ex. GST


Corsair Solutions:

Input/Receiving Features

  • 1 x 2-channel 3.5mm unbalanced in
  • 1 x 2-channel 4.4mm balanced in
  • 1 x 4-channel 24-bit/48k UAC in
  • Receiving 8-channel 24-bit Dante streams in unicast or multicast
  • Receiving 1 x 4-channel 16-bit SRT/NDI audio stream simultaneously

Output/Sending Features

  • 1 x 2-channel 3.5mm unbalanced out
  • 1 x 2-channel 4.4mm balanced out
  • 1 x 4-channel 24-bit/48k UAC out
  • Encoding 8-channel 24-bit Dante streams in unicast or multicast
  • Encoding 1 x 4-channel 16-bit audio for RTSP/SRT/NDI audio stream simultaneously

Audio Routing & Mixing Features

  • Any analogue or IP-based input channel can be routed and mixed into any analogue, IP or UAC output via a web-based user interface

Other Features

  • Support for Dante Controller, providing signal routing and configuration
  • Plug-and-play as a UAC device
  • Provide comprehensive information regarding the device and signals in real-time
  • Remote control via Web GUI and Magewell Cloud
  • Provide HTTP APIs

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