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TAG 40-FOR-40

Celebrations of 40th year launched.


4 July 2023

Armed with $100,000 Technical Audio Group (TAG) is seeking to spread love to forty community and social programs. “Support for community has been in our company DNA since day-one.” Said TAG Director Maxwell Twartz. “And our 40th Anniversary provides a perfect opportunity for us to dive deeper into it.”

Now one of Australia’s leading AV distributors TAG started from humble beginnings in 1984 and has grown steadily over the years. For much of its history the company has partnered with and distributed the products of four leading AV manufacturers Martin Audio since 1992, QSC and Q-SYS since 1994, Allen & Heath since 1996 and Audio-Technica since 2005.

“Forty years is a bit of a moment and a chance to pay tribute to the many staff, customers and suppliers that have helped us along the way.” Stated TAG Director Anthony Russo. “But rather than pause and look back we want to pause and pay forward. In the spirit of thanks and appreciation to all who have contributed to and been instrumental in our company journey we’ve allocated a chunk of money and on their behalf, we’re planning to use it to impact some lives in positive ways. We’re calling it TAG 40-FOR-40.”

During the twelve months leading up to the company’s fortieth celebration TAG plans to make forty individual community and social program donations of $2,500 each from an allocated fund totalling $100,000. The programs will align with the company’s human development, sustainability and environmental goals and standards and the aim is to complete the whole program and fully expend the fund by TAG’s fortieth birthday in April 2024.

‘Doing the work’ has always been the TAG way and 40-FOR-40 is no different, the idea is that the forty donations won’t be passive, they will be proposed and undertaken by forty individual members of TAG staff who will not only deliver the donation but spend some time with their chosen program, learning what they do and experiencing firsthand the frustrations and joys of a ‘day in the life.’

“Many of the team at TAG are already involved with or have a passion for a particular social, community or charity program so 40-FOR-40 will just be an extension of that.” Explained Twartz. “By documenting their experiences with a few photos and maybe a video our guys have an opportunity to share with the AV community why they do what they do and the impact that it has.”

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Issue 28