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CORIOmaster Updates & New Module

tvONE introduces new software and firmware updates for CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster2; HDMI 4K60 module for CORIOmaster2 and LED engine


14 July 2021

The quad HDMI 2.0 input module supports resolutions up to 4K60 (4:4:4) and four of these modules can be fitted to a single CORIOmaster2 chassis.

Custom Output Resolutions for LED

A new LED engine that is fully integrated into CORIOgrapher allows installers to easily create and verify custom output resolutions using basic display information. From this basic setup, CORIOgrapher will guide you to the perfect setup.

Synchronised Playback for CORIOmaster2

Easily setup the 4K streaming media & playback module to deliver synchronised playback groups using up to 8x 1080P/30 stored files to create video belts to enhance the viewer experience and prevent your video wall from becoming invisible.

Other improvements include:

  • Low-latency IP streams with any encoder & support to store details of 40 encoders
  • Decode of AES encrypted video streams
  • FTP file download to the 4K streaming media and playback module
  • Support for MPEG2 playback of files from the 4K streaming media and playback module

CORIOgrapher – Now Compatible Across All Products

Updates include:

  • Backwards compatibility of CORIOgrapher for CORIOmaster2, CORIOmaster and CORIOview systems saving time and reducing setup complexity by only loading the application once on your PC
  • Create layouts, map sources, and animate transitions with our new UI design
  • Create and verify custom output resolutions for LED using basic display information
  • Easily setup and deliver synchronised playback groups of up to 8x 1080P/30 stored files to video belts

tvONE: tvone.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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