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16 June 2015

4K Quad ISO 1infocomm15

The UK’s Digital Projection has launched a range of solid state and lamp based projectors at InfoComm15 led by the Insight 4K Quad (pictured above), which uses just four 465W HID lamps to produce 25,000 ANSI lumens of brightness in full 4K resolution. Suiting a variety of vertical markets, the new 3-chip DLP projector offers the ability to project large, detailed images using just one projector, where previously edge-blending with two or more projectors would have been necessary.

The Insight 4K Quad also features full 4K 3D, with 60fps 4096 x 2160 pixels, sequential input via single cable (Display Port 1.2), along with advanced functionality including Adjustable Dark Time and Sync Offset for optimisation of ghosting and smooth greyscale for active glasses and polarisers.

Launched at ISE 2015, the Insight 4K LED has been upgraded to add 50 per cent more brightness using Dual Combined LED light sources. Delivering 3000 Lumens, the model is the brightest 3-Chip LED projector available, and boasts 60,000+ hours of stable solid-state illumination with a full 4K (4096 × 2160) resolution, capable of displaying REC2020 colour space. It merges the detail and clarity of full 4K resolution with the colour space and black levels of LED illumination.


The E-Vision 8500 Laser follows on from the success of Digital Projection’s award winning 3-Chip HIGHLite Laser, using the same proven laser light source but in a cost effective single chip DLP solution. Delivering 8500 lumen output, the E-Vision 8500 Laser boasts 20,000 hours of stable solid-state illumination with a WUXGA resolution and a contrast ratio of up to 4,000:1.

E-Vision UST Lens

Suited to vertical markets such as visitor attractions and museums, the E-Vision 8500 Laser (along with the majority of the other E-Vision projectors) benefits from the newly launched 0.38:1 Ultra Short Throw (UST) lens. This lens is capable of creating an image width between 2.1m and 7.5m, and offers ultimate positioning flexibility.


The solid state E-Vision 6500 Laser is a 6500 ANSI lumen projector with a WUXGA resolution and a contrast ratio of up to 5,000:1. Like all other lamp-free projectors from Digital Projection, the model offers 20,000 hours of stable illumination and its compact chassis makes it ideal for applications where space is limited.

The Insight Laser 4K is scheduled for production in early Q4, 2015. The E-Vision Laser 8500 and UST lens are scheduled for production in early Q1, 2016, and the E-Vision Laser in early Q2, 2016.



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